Encyclopedia of Law & Economics - Literature Reviews

Current Reviews
(0200) History of Law and Economics by Ejan Mackaay
(0305) Law and Economics in Austria by Wolfgang Weigel
(0315) Law and Economics in Denmark by Henrik Lando
(0325) Law and Economics in France by Lionel Montagné
(0330) Law and Economics in Germany by Roland Kirstein
(0345) Law and Economics in Italy by Roberto Pardolesi and Giuseppe Bellantuono
(0360) Law and Economics in Norway by Erling Eide
(0365) Law and Economics in Portugal by Miguel Moura e Silva
(0370) Law and Economics in Quebec by Frédérick Charette
(0375) Law and Economics in Taiwan by Steven S. Kan
(0380) Law and Economics in Serbia by Zelkjo Sevic
(0385) Law and Economics in Spain by Santos Pastor and Jesús Pintos
(0390) Law and Economics in Sweden by Göran Skogh
(0500) Schools : General by Ejan MacKaay
(0520) Institutional Law and Economics by Steven G. Medema, Nicholas Mercuro and Warren J. Samuels
(0530) New Institutional Economics by Peter G. Klein
(0560) Comparative Law and Economics by Ugo A. Mattei, Luisa Antoniolli and Andrea Rossato
(0570) Experimental Law and Economics by Richard H. McAdams
(0580) Law and Economics of Development by Edgardo Buscaglia
(0610) Public Choice, Constitutional Political Economy, and Law and Economics by Ludwig Van den Hauwe
(0620) Law and Macroeconomics by Richard L. Gordon
(0630) Other Sociological Approaches and Law and Economics by Ian R. Macneil
(0640) Antropology and Law and Economics by Robert Cooter
(0650) New Economic History and Law and Economics by Alexander J. Field
(0660) Critical Legal Studies by Wayne Eastman
(0720) The Endowment Effect by Christopher Curran
(0730) The Coase Theorem by Steven G. Medema and Richard O. Zerbe Jr.
(0740) Transaction Costs by Douglas W. Allen
(0750) Public Goods and Club Goods by Patrick McNutt
(0760) Network Externalities by William H. Page and John E. Lopatka
(0770) Path Dependence by Stan J. Liebowitz and Stephen E. Margolis
(0780) Non-legal Sanctions by Stephan Panther
(0790) Legal Error by Warren F. Schwartz
(1500) Security Interests, Creditor Priorities, and Bankruptcy by JamesW. Bowers
(1800) Parent and Child by Margaret F. Brinig
(2000) Private and Common Property Rights by Elinor Ostrom
(2200) Zoning and Land Use Regulation by William A. Fischel
(3300) Caution and Foreseeability by Omri Ben-Shahar
(3400) Vicarious and Corporate Civil Liability by Reinier H. Kraakman
(3500) Tort Damages by Jennifer Arlen
(4000) Contract Law: General Theories by Richard Craswell
(4400) Implied Terms and Interpretation in Contract Law by George M. Cohen
(4600) Contract Remedies: General by Paul G. Mahoney
(4620) Contract Remedies: Forseeability, Precaution, Causation, and Mitigation by Eric A. Posner
(5110) Information Regulation (incl. Regulation of Advertising) by Paul H.Rubin
(5120) Licensing. Market Entry Regulation by Shirley Svorny
(5140) Products Liability by Mark Geistfeld
(5540) Occupational Safety and Health Regulation by Sidney A. Shapiro
(5620) Limited Liability by William J. Carney
(5650) Insider Trading by Stephen M. Bainbridge
(5700) Insurance Regulation by Seth J. Chandler
(5840) Renting by Werner Z. Hirsch
(5910) International Trade by Alan O. Sykes
(5920) Agricultural Contracts by Charles R. Knoeber
(5940) Public Utilities by Rick Geddes
(6020) Tax Evasion And Tax Compliance by Luigi Alberto Franzoni
(6110) Optimal Techniques of Redistribution by Christopher Curran
(6200)Takings by Thomas J. Miceli and Kathleen Segerson
(7000) Civil Procedure: General by Bruce H. Kobayashi and Jeffrey S. Parker
(7100) Judicial Organisation and Administration by Lewis A. Kornhauser
(7300) Indemnity of Legal Fees by Avery Wiener Katz
(7400) Settlement by Andrew F. Daughety
(7500) Arbitration by Bruce L. Benson
(8100) Economics of Criminal Behavior by Erling Eide
(9000) General Characteristics of Rules by Louis Kaplow
(9200) Judge Made Law by Paul H. Rubin
(9400) Self-Regulation by Anthony Ogus