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Am Jur 2d - Damages § 48

III. Compensatory Damages, C. Measure and Elements in Breach-of-Contract Cases, 1. In General, § 48 - Generally

Damages for breach of contract serve the same purpose as restoration damages: to make the injured party whole.[1] In breach-of-contract cases, the injured party is entitled to recover all damages that accrue naturally from the breach.[2]

However, contract damages are intended only to compensate an injured party fairly and adequately for the loss sustained.[3] That is, an award of damages is measured by,[4] or judged solely by,[5] the losses suffered by the plaintiff as a result of the breach. The party injured by a breach of contract is limited to damages based on his or her actual loss caused by the breach[6] and should be awarded neither less nor more than his or her actual damages.[7] As a general rule, a nonbreaching party is not entitled, through the award of damages, to achieve a better or superior position to the one it would reasonably have occupied had the breach not occurred.[8]


Contract damages normally are awarded on an all-or-nothing basis.[9]

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 As to the purpose of compensatory damages to make a party whole, generally, see § 28 .

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 As to the rule against duplicate recoveries, generally, see § 32 .

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