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Am Jur 2d - Contracts § 669

VI. Performance or Breach, F. Excuses for Nonperformance, 5. Act or Breach by Adverse Party, a. When Breach Excuses Performance, § 669 - Definition of breach; performance excused or not excused

When performance of a duty under a contract is due, a failure to perform is a breach.[1]


The word "breach," as applied to contracts, is defined as a failure without legal excuse to perform any promise that forms a whole or a part of a contract, including the refusal of a party to recognize the existence of the contract or a party's act that is inconsistent with its existence.[2]

A party who has brought about a breach of contract may not insist upon its performance,[3] and thus, a breach of contract caused solely by one party's behavior is generally excused as to the other party.[4] However, a party is not automatically excused from performing in the future every time the other party breaches.[5] Only where one party substantially breaches a contract does the other party to it have a defense and an excuse for nonperformance.[6]

The Restatement provides that a party's failure to render or to offer performance may affect the nonbreaching party's duties under the rules dealing with remaining duties to perform[7] and simultaneous exchange of performances,[8] even though that failure is justified by the nonoccurrence of a condition.[9] However, this rule[10] does not apply if the other party assumed the risk that he or she would have to perform in spite of such a failure.[11]

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 As to what is a material breach, see §§ 670 , 671 .

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