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Am Jur 2d - Contracts § 623

VI. Performance or Breach, E. Waiver of Strict or Full Performance, 1. Overview, § 623 - Right to waive strict or full performance

Strict and full performance of a contract by one party may be waived by the other party,[1] in which case there is, to the extent of the waiver, no right to damages for the failure to perform strictly or fully.[2] This is in accord with the general principle that either party to a contract may waive any of the provisions made for his or her benefit.[3] Moreover, if the parties mutually adopt a mode of performing their contract differing from its strict terms, or, during the course of performance, they mutually relax those terms, neither party may claim that a breach occurred because the contract was not literally fulfilled,[4] and there may be a mutual estoppel, by waiver, as to the effect of a default.[5]

A waiver of the right to enforce one provision of a contract does not automatically waive the right to enforce others;[6] a court will conclude that the right to enforce another provision was waived only where the party intended that consequence.[7] Furthermore, a provision in a contract, stating that the waiver of any of the rights granted in the contract does not constitute a permanent waiver, precludes a waiver from resulting in the loss of contract rights with regard to subsequent performances.[8]

When a party to a contract offers, by word or action, a waiver of certain duties under the contract, other parties who change their position as a result of the waiver may enforce the waiver.[9]

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 As to a waiver of total breach, see § 680 .

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