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Am Jur 2d - Contracts § 513

V. Modification, Extinguishment, and Renewal, C. Rescission, Termination, or Discharge, 1. Nature of Contractual Rescission, Termination, or Discharge, § 513 - Methods of discharge or termination of contracts

Generally, a contract may be canceled only under its own terms or through mutual agreement.[1] Contracts have the effect of law for the parties and may be dissolved only through the consent of the parties or on grounds provided by law.[2] A contract may be discharged by performance in accordance with its terms,[3] or by the expiration of the time during which it is to remain operative.[4] In addition, there are several other methods of discharging contracts, including rescission by agreement or by virtue of a contractual provision,[5] rescission for original invalidity,[6] and rescission for failure of consideration[7] or a material breach or default.[8] Parties to a valid contract may rescind or abandon it,[9] or substitute another in its place,[10] or by conduct inconsistent with the continued existence of the original contract estop themselves from asserting any right thereunder.[11]


To "rescind" a contract is to abrogate or cancel the contract, unilaterally or by agreement, or to make void; to repeal or annul.[12]

Rescission is an equitable remedy that invalidates an agreement,[13] not a cause of action,[14] which rests on the equitable principle that a person shall not be allowed to enrich him- or herself unjustly at the expense of another.[15] The effect of the remedy of rescission is generally to extinguish a rescinded contract so effectively that in contemplation of law it has never had existence,[16] and to put or restore the parties to status quo.[17] The remedy of rescission and restitution is an alternative to damages in an action for breach of contract.[18]

Practice Tip:

The termination of a contract is not presumed, and the burden of establishing it rests upon the party who asserts it.[19]

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