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Am Jur 2d - Contracts § 496

V. Modification, Extinguishment, and Renewal, B. Modification, 1. Scope and Effect, § 496 - By consent or new agreement

A modification of a contract is a change in one or more aspects of it that introduces new elements into the details or cancels some of them but leaves the general purpose and effect of the contract intact.[1] Modification of a contract normally occurs when the parties agree to alter a contractual provision or to include additional obligations, while leaving intact the overall nature and obligations of the original agreement.[2] Parties may modify or waive their rights under a contract and embed new terms.[3] Also, parties may alter any term of an existing contract by entering into a subsequent contract, and the contract, as modified, becomes a new contract between the parties, and the meaning to be given the subsequent agreements depends on the intention of the parties.[4]

Parties to a contract are not forever locked into its terms,[5] but have the right to amend their contract by mutual consent.[6] Accordingly, parties to an existing contract may, by mutual assent, modify it,[7] provided the modification does not violate the law[8] or public policy,[9] and provided that there is consideration for the new agreement or that it satisfies a statute or is made under circumstances making consideration unnecessary.[10] Furthermore, the parties to a written contract may modify, waive, or make new terms notwithstanding terms in the contract designed to hamper such freedom.[11]

A modified contract is essentially a new contract which must pass the same tests and scrutiny that apply to the initial determination of whether an enforceable agreement exists.[12] A valid modification of a contract must satisfy all the criteria essential for a valid original contract,[13] including offer, acceptance, and consideration.[14]

A modification of a contract requires the mutual assent of both,[15] or all, parties to the contract.[16] Hence, one party to a contract may not unilaterally alter its terms[17] without the assent of the other party.[18] Mutual assent is as much a requisite element in effecting a contractual modification as it is in the initial creation of a contract.[19] Furthermore, a valid contract modification requires mutual assent to the meaning and conditions of the modification and the parties must assent to the same thing in the same sense.[20] A valid modification of a contract requires a meeting of the minds of the parties,[21] which must be spelled out, either expressly or impliedly, with sufficient definiteness.[22]

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 As to subsequent or secondary agreements, see §§ 489 to 495 .

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