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Am Jur 2d - Contracts § 1

I. In General, A. Definitions, § 1 - Contract

A contract has been defined as an agreement to do, or refrain from doing, a particular thing,[1] upon a sufficient consideration.[2] Similarly, a "contract" has been defined as an agreement, obligation, or legal tie by which a party binds itself, or becomes bound, expressly or impliedly, to pay a sum of money or to perform or omit to do some certain act or thing.[3] Also, a "contract" has been defined as a private, voluntary allocation by which two or more parties distribute specific entitlements and obligations.[4] A "contract" is an agreement between two or more parties that creates obligations that are legally enforceable by the contracting parties.[5] A "contract" is an agreement between two or more parties creating obligations that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable at law.[6] A "contract" is an agreement by two or more parties whereby obligations are created, modified, or extinguished.[7]

A contract is an obligation which arises from actual agreement of the parties manifested by words, oral or written, or by conduct.[8] The term "contract" has been held to include every description or agreement or obligation, whether verbal or written, by which one party becomes bound to another to pay a sum of money or to perform or omit to do a certain act.[9]

The Restatement defines the term "contract" as a promise or a set of promises for the breach of which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law in some way recognizes as a duty,[10] and this definition has been adopted by some courts.[11] However, this has been criticized as a circular definition: it is the same as saying that a contract is a legally enforceable promise, but a promise is legally enforceable only if it is a contract.[12]

A contract is not a law, nor does it make law: it is the agreement plus the law that makes the ordinary contract an enforceable obligation.[13]


The following types of contracts are subject in some respects to special rules that depend on their formal characteristics and differ from those governing contracts in general:[14]

  • contracts under seal

  • recognizances

  • negotiable instruments and documents

  • letters of credit

When used in its ordinary sense, the term "contract" implies enforceable obligations.[15] However, in popular speech, the word "contract" is frequently used as meaning the work done under a contract.[16]


A contract is a verbal act that has a legal reality independent of the truth of any statement contained in it.[17]

The right to perform a contract and to receive its profits and the right to performance by the other party are property rights entitling each party to the fulfillment of the contract by performance.[18]

Under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, the term "contract" means the total legal obligation resulting from the parties' agreement as affected by the act and other applicable law.[19]

The term "contract" has a more specific and extended meaning than the terms "promise" or "agreement."[20] The existence of a contract is a question of fact.[21] Tallies or receipts[22] and invoices[23] are generally not contracts.

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